You won’t believe this.

money mindset Nov 20, 2020

I bet you want to set outrageous financial goals.

If so, today’s Money Monday is for you.

I give you the one counterintuitive step you need to change your thinking to match your desired income, so you can make it happen fast.

Check it out here: 

Enjoy the video and if you’re in the states, have a great Thanksgiving week!

P.S. After you watch this video, comment in our Facebook group about your new outrageous goal. I’d love to hear it.

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I Almost Couldn’t Pay for It...

business mindset Nov 16, 2020

Money flows where the intention for it is clear.

As soon as you get clear, everything you need will find its way to you.

In today’s Money Monday, I have a special story for you. I’ll share with you why I needed to make a lot of money quickly and how I made it happen.

Have a listen here:

Then make sure to join us this Thursday, December 3 at 1pm EST inside of the Sales Master Inner Circle Facebook Group to learn how to coach a potential client through their objections during a sales call.

You'll need this skill if you want to be able to receive the money you intend to.


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The SIMPLE Way to 6 Figures...

business growth Nov 16, 2020

If you want to exponentially increase your income in a short period of time, today’s Money Monday video is for you!

As human beings, we so often complicate our path to success.

Here’s a simple reframe for how to make 6 figures (it’s a question I ask my clients all the time!)

Click here to watch now:

Does this topic interest you? This Thursday, November 19th at 1pm EST, I’ll be teaching you how you’re actually sabotaging your closing rates (and how to start closing more high ticket sales now). That’s all happening inside of the Sales Mastery Inner Circle Facebook Group. Be sure to join us on Thursday!


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How to Quote Your Fee with Confidence

sales conversations Nov 07, 2020

Getting someone to book a sales call is a big victory! 

But now that you’re on the call, how do you bring up your fees?

In today's Money Monday, I show you a simple way to gain the confidence to charge a high-ticket fee during a sales call.

Check out the video here:

And on Thursday, I’ll be sharing 3 mistakes you’re making during a high ticket sales call -- and how to fix them! That’s happening this Thursday, November 12th at 1pm EST inside of the Sales Mastery Inner Circle Facebook Group.

Put it on your calendar and join us!

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This is How You Handle Your Client’s High Expectations

business mindset Nov 02, 2020

Have you ever worked with a client that made you feel out of your comfort zone because they expected huge results? 

When this happens, our first thought is to retract and let fear take over. We don’t feel like we are worthy of this opportunity because of the pressure to meet high expectations. 

But that type of thinking is costing you money. 

I’ll be sharing below how you can knock out fear, move forward in confidence, and give your clients results that exceed their wildest dreams. 

You can check out the video here:

And then make sure to tune in this Thursday, November 5 where I’ll be talking about how to handle a client who wants to stop coaching with you in the middle of a contract. That’s all happening inside of the Sales Mastery Inner Circle Facebook group.

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Create Cash FAST Whenever you Want!

high ticket sales Oct 26, 2020

Have you ever wanted a quick way to get cash? 

It’s actually a lot easier than you think. 

In the video below, I explain how you can quickly create cash flow whenever you need it. 

Check out the video here: 

And then head over to the Sales Master Inner Circle Facebook Group to talk about the 30 Days to 30k challenge! I’ll be sharing lessons from the challenge, client stories, and tips on turning this challenge into an everyday tool to help you continue selling high ticket. 



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How to Make Today Payday

high-ticket sales Oct 19, 2020

You’ve made the sale, they’ve said yes, and now you’re done. 

Well, you’re almost done. 

You need to physically collect the payment.

Does this step in the closing process trip you up?

In the video below, I teach you how to get your new client’s credit card information over the phone and get them to pay right away.

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Wish You Could Raise Your Fees?

raise your rates Oct 12, 2020

Ready to charge higher fees?

The process for doing so is counterintuitive. 

Today’s Money Monday is about how to find the confidence to raise your fees now, even if you don’t feel ready.

Watch below:

And then join us in the SALES MASTERY Inner Circle Facebook Group @1pm EST on Thursday this week for an exciting training to help you close more sales at your new price point - Moving Your Prospect from Maybe to Yes! Establishing the Gap.

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ONE fundamental thing that impacts sales...

high-ticket sales Oct 05, 2020
Have you ever had a conversation with a friend that really highlights a way of being to you? Something that has you stand out and be different 'from the crowd' - in a good way?
I had a conversation with a good friend this week who asked me a great question: "What is it that has had your business thrive during the pandemic?"
It made me think. And I realized there is ONE fundamental thing we have done that is at the foundation of the results we have caused.
Click the video below to find out what it is:

If YOU would like to create a massive cash injection this month in your business, come and join us inside Sales Mastery Inner Circle for the "30 Days to $30K" Challenge we are running throughout October. (People are already causing AMAZING results!)
We'd love to see you there!
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3 Steps to Radically Increase Your Income

business success Sep 28, 2020

One of the questions I am asked most frequently (and it came up many times last week on The Income Accelerator Challenge - as people were looking to raise their rates and rapidly increase their income!) is this -- what can I do to quickly to make more money?

Today's Money Monday is all about exactly that!

Watch the video below to find the first 3 simple steps to take to begin to radically and rapidly increase your income...

And then join us in the SALES MASTERY Inner Circle Facebook Group @1pm EST on Thursday this week for an exciting announcement - all about how to rapidly increase your income in the month of October!

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