What Becomes Possible When You Master High-ticket Sales?

high-ticket sales Sep 06, 2020
I remember the first time someone paid me the amount that I thought I could never get.

That unbelievable 'oh my God I did it!' feeling.

It was back in 2008 and as reluctant and nervous as I was to listen to my mentor and ask for that high-ticket sale, I am so glad I did.
Because it changed my business and life, and set up this landslide of possibility, not only for me but also for my client.

Check out the video below to find out what can be possible for YOU when you raise your rates (it won't just impact your bank account)! 

Interested in bringing those possibilities to reality? Join me for the Income Accelerator Challenge to learn my 5 step process to raising your rates, and finding and enrolling high-ticket clients, click here to register. We start September 14!
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Is Fear Causing You to Do THIS During Your Sales Calls?

sales conversation Aug 27, 2020

Ever get on a sales call and feel resistance when it comes time to make your offer?

Most of my clients say they feel worried about seeming "sales-y" or pushy on a sales call.
If that's you too, that's completely normal.

Check out the video below on how you can build your confidence during sales calls, so you don't fall into this fear-trap.

(Hint: Fear during sales calls could be costing you six figures or more per year. We can't cover everything on this topic in a Monday Monday but this video should get you started until our next Income Accelerator Challenge - starting September 14! During the challenge, you'll learn how to overcome this fear in much more detail. Get signed up right here now - so you don't miss a thing!)

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Why We Bought the Carrot Cake

sales mindset Aug 21, 2020

The other night my sweet tooth was begging for dessert so Kate and I went to our favorite restaurant in town. 

When we walked in, the hostess told us she made the carrot cake. 

Now Kate and I have been to this restaurant many times and we had no idea carrot cake was something they offered, and it was definitely not one of the desserts we had in mind for the night. 

But we ended taking home 2 pieces of carrot cake...after we already stayed and ate our dessert.

Want to know what sold us something we didn’t even know existed? 

Check out the video below to discover the key quality you need to have to be the one who completes the sale!

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Want the Secret Script to Use for Your Sales Call?

sales call Aug 17, 2020

I get asked often about what is the best script to use in a sales call...

What should be said when presenting the offer, what specific questions to ask, how to respond to price objection, etc.

Let me tell you something -- possibly the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know about high-ticket sales -- it's not about the script.

Yes, you want to have a framework for your enrollment conversation, BUT you need to do this ONE thing more than anything else.

Bet you know what I'm going to say next? Yup...watch the video to find out what it is!  

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How to Take Another Step on Your Journey to High-Ticket Sales

high-ticket sales Aug 10, 2020

One of the things I firmly believe in is that we are all on our own personal journeys to living the life we dream of.

We all have different sets of beliefs for the current way we are living, charging and offering our services.

In other words, my timeline is not your timeline and my reasons for setting the price on my services are different than yours.

To create some new awareness around your beliefs of setting prices in your own business so you can take another step in your journey to high-ticket sales, watch the video below for a question to consider this week. 

To keep you moving forward to the life of your dreams, I hope you will join me in my SALES MASTERY Inner Circle Facebook Group for my free weekly trainings held every Thursday!

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What’s the Impact When We Play Small?

business mindset Aug 02, 2020

You know the saying - "Go big or go home?"

It's meant to encourage, inspire and motivate us to dream lofty goals and work hard to reach them.

But what if you're feeling uncomfortable or awkward with asking for that high-ticket package...or not being sure of your value...or letting your head trash take over and you end up staying small?

Check out the video below to learn why you shouldn't play small and then join me over in the SALES MASTERY Inner Circle Facebook Group to let me know - will you be big without apology? 

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When Adversity Happens, Do This...

mindset Jul 27, 2020

Over the past few months, we have all been hit with losses and stressors. 

So I wanted to share with you an important statement + question that I ask myself whenever I'm faced with adversity.

Watch below to discover what they are.

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#1 Way to Set Yourself Up for Success in Goal Setting

goal setting Jul 08, 2020

How do you feel about setting goals? Are you someone who sets your sight on something and then works until you achieve it? Rarely giving up (even when overwhelmed or exhausted)?

Or do you have an endgame in mind, but rarely get there and well, that’s okay? 

Setting goals is extremely important in your business - BUT you want to set the RIGHT goal.

You want to set a goal that has 3 components: it has to be challenging, achievable and THIS.

Watch below to find out the #1 way to set yourself up for success in setting your goals so you can celebrate over and over again!

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What Happens When Things Get Difficult?

business mindset Jul 06, 2020

There is a beautiful trail near where Kate and I live that we hike often. It allows us a chance to step away, reflect and replenish ourselves.

The other day we were there and the area was overgrown and difficult to get through. We considered turning back and calling it a day. But then it hit me...

If we stopped, what were we missing? We'd already come this far through the untamed wilderness and relentless bugs and uphill battle. 

If we turned back now and didn't push on through the challenge, what beauty and gift would we be missing out on?

Have you experienced this too in life and/or business? Wondering if you should stop or carry on when obstacles or challenges present themselves - especially if they sometimes seem impassable!

Click below to find out what happened next (and what we discovered on the other side!)


And check out the beauty we found when we kept pushing on: 

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How Are You Showing Up?

sales conversations Jun 24, 2020

Think about your last enrollment conversation...

How did you show up?

Now, I don't mean what did you wear, or did you drive there or were you on Zoom.

What I mean is (and this is based off a quote from Barbara Corcoran):

Did you show up believing the opportunity was there?

Unsure what I mean? Watch the video below!

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