Expect THIS in every Sales Conversation You Have!

sales conversations May 08, 2020
Last week we talked about the #1 reason sales conversations DON'T result in a sale. (Missed Money Monday last week? Click Here to watch it now!)

And today, we're continuing that theme... 

You see, there's something that happens really often during sales conversations - something your prospective client brings.

If you are not ready for it, it may take you by surprise (you might even become defensive about it!).

On the flip side - expecting it, and being prepared for it, will radically increase your chances of the sales conversation going well. (And allow you to be of real service to your prospective client in the process!)

Watch below to find out exactly what it is - and how to navigate your way through it with ease!

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Getting a NO in Your Sales Conversations?

sales conversations May 08, 2020

There's been an overall theme happening as to why people are getting a NO in the sales calls I've been reviewing lately.

It's not because of the current state of the economy.

And not because the offer isn't good enough.

99% of the time, it's because of this...(watch to learn).

[Hint: it has something to do with the Lady Gaga + Bradley Cooper hit song! ;)] 

Want more tips on how to get the YES? Join my Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SalesMasteryInnerCircle/.

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Do You Need to Be Liked?

sales conversations May 01, 2020

The biggest enemy in a sales conversation is our need to be liked.

We all want to be liked...we know what it feels like when we aren't.

But is this need getting in your way of serving your clients?

Watch this short video below to learn why being in this energy of approval can hurt your clients and your business.

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What Do You Sell Next?

sales Apr 16, 2020

 Times are scary right now and planning ahead in business can be challenging. 

But it's important - right now more than ever - that you continue to sell your programs and services...and even more so is what you sell next!

Watch below to see what I mean:

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Are You Making Business Decisions Based on Fear?

selling Apr 06, 2020

It's a challenging time right now and I've had quite a few conversations recently with people who are afraid to move forward with their business and sell their services.

They are worried about what people might think. Concerned about how they will look. And not sure if their efforts will be worth it.

They are running their business in fear.

If this sounds like you, please take the next 90 seconds to watch why this thinking is so dangerous to your business, your mindset and the world.

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Is Now a Good Time to be Selling?

selling Mar 23, 2020
Today's Money Monday comes to you from a question posted in my private Facebook group last week...

I was asked if now is a good time to be selling our products or services (or even if it is OKAY to be selling at all!).

It's a conversation I've seen on social media a lot over this past week: Whether as business owners, we need to 'pull back' what we are offering due to the current situation going on in the world.
Click below for my answer - and for what you can do to INCREASE sales (yes, even from a place of 'social isolation'!) 

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The Goal for Every Sales Conversation Is...

sales conversations Mar 02, 2020

When you meet with a potential client, believe it or not, the goal of that conversation is NOT to sell them your program or service.

Instead the goal is something else, more in service to your client.

Take 81 seconds today to watch the video below to help you reduce the pressure of your next sales conversation (for both you AND your potential client!).

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Are You Creating What You Want?

mindset Feb 16, 2020

Last year I set an intention to speak at more events and so far 2020 is delivering.

What about you? Are you creating what you want in your life? Are you chasing after what you want and it's showing up?

If not, I recommend taking some time to consider one specific question...and yes, I tell you what it is in the video below! Take a minute to watch it and then let me know what you discover!

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The Energy to Bring to Your Sales Conversations

sales conversations Feb 16, 2020

Did you know the #1 mistake people make in selling is the energy they bring to the sales conversation?

What I mean by this is - they show up to the sales conversation believing they have to convince or persuade a person to buy from them...that they have to tailor the conversation to get them to see the value. 

Watch the video below to discover the energy we want to carry with us and let me know how this changes your sales conversations this week!

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A Must Do for All Business Owners

mindset Feb 16, 2020

As business owners, we are often on a trajectory of 'go go go' to build our business and serve our clients. 

And while 'being on' and working smart is important, equally important is switching off and taking some quiet time away from the business.

Watch the video below to discover why tuning out on a regular basis is essential.

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