#1 Reason to Raise Your Rates

raise rates Aug 26, 2019

If you want to raise your rates, this is the best 90 seconds you can spend this week!

Because I’m going to tell you how to eliminate the head trash that might be happening. You know the thoughts of: “Am I worth it? Will they pay it?” and more!

I bet there’s one thing that you’re not considering and it’s the #1 reason why you should raise your rates RIGHT NOW. Click below to find out!

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Do You Make This Follow-up Error?

sales conversations Aug 14, 2019

Today’s tip of the week is all about follow-up.

Do you ever get caught up in follow-up chaos? You know…your potential client says to follow up with them next week, and then they don’t answer your call. So you email and you don’t hear from them…then you stress and worry about what to do next.

You’re in the cycle of confusion follow-up because you made a fundamental error in the initial sales call! 
Click below to find out what I mean (and how to avoid it in the future)…

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Is this way of thinking showing up in your life?

way of thinking Aug 05, 2019

I wanted to share with you a concept that has been showing up in coaching conversations with my clients recently: I call it “One or The Other Thinking." 

This way of being completely goes against the money-making mindset.

And in fact, it can be dangerous if you want to grow your business and life. 

Listen below to make sure you understand this concept so you can observe where it’s showing up in your life and make an important switch in thinking.

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Selling is a Transference of THIS

high end sales Jul 29, 2019

Before each sales conversation, there are several things to take into account before you pick up the phone.

One essential thing to remember is that selling is a transference of THIS…. (and if you are guessing I’m going to say money in the video below – you’d be wrong!).

Click below to find out the answer (and get an extra bonus on the difference between confidence and arrogance so you don’t come off as arrogant in your energy).

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How to Get Comfortable Quoting Your Fee…

When you sit down with a potential client to sell your services, do you start to sweat? Do you struggle with quoting your fees? Find it hard to close the sale?

Many people love what they do and have no problem communicating it, but then become incredibly uncomfortable selling it.

And it’s because they make this fundamental error…watch below to find out what it is:

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Sales Is Something You Do FOR Someone

sales conversation Jul 08, 2019

I’ve said this before…”Sales is not something you do TO someone, it’s something you do FOR someone.”

What does that statement bring up for you?

Click below to learn my reaction when I first heard it from my mentor AND what I did after to get more clients (and help them grow as well!)…

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You Either Win or You Do This…

self-care in business Jul 01, 2019

I am the type of person who doesn’t believe in failure. Instead, I firmly believe there are only two things that happen in situations. You either win – and make the sale or reach your goal – or you do this…

Watch below to find out what it is!

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Are You Making this Mindset Error?

business mindset Jun 17, 2019

As we’re on this business journey, we can all find ourselves in moments of stress and overwhelm. And when this happens, it has everything to do with our way of thinking.

Because often in these moments, we are making a specific mindset error!

Click below to find out what it is and how you can correct it.

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Do Sales Calls Make You Nervous?

sales calls Jun 10, 2019

Today I’m wondering – do you get anxious about sales calls?

You see your to-do list and it has "Call Joe Smith" and suddenly your mouth is dry, your stomach drops out and you’d rather do anything but dial the numbers?

Want to know a crazy, simple trick that can help prevent that freakout? Click below!

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2 Steps to Keep Yourself in a Good Energetic Space

self-care in business May 24, 2019

We are always manifesting and radiating energy in our life, relationships and business. Whatever we send out – whether good or bad – we attract. So it’s important to keep yourself in a good energetic space.

Here are the 2 steps I take to keep yourself attracting positive energy.

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