A Simple Way to Get Stuff Done

business building Feb 19, 2021

When you have your own business, there is always an endless list of tasks you have to do…attracting your ideal clients, scheduling sales calls, delivering your program, etc.

For years, I was the only one doing these tasks (before I hired my amazing team).

And back then, I developed a simple, two-step process that helped me be more efficient, effective and get stuff done.

And emphasis on the simple!

Watch to find out the two questions I still ask myself - even years later - when I sit down to complete a task!

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Way of Thinking to Build Your Business

People ask me all the time how I built my business so quickly.

They want to know the secret…the way of being that was attached to building the business quickly.

There’s no real secret way of “being”.

In truth, it’s a way of thinking. You see, there’s a seven letter word that’s not in my vocabulary and that allows me to see every situation as either a win or a learn.

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