Are You Adding THIS in Your Business?

business coach Mar 01, 2021

Running your own business takes FOCUS.

(No doubt about it!)

Focus on things like... attracting clients, your offer, how you deliver your services.

All very important things.

But there is one FOCUS many business owners forget to add in...

And this ONE THING is a complete game-changer!

[Just adding this ONE THING had us waaay exceed our goals in December and bring in over half-a-million dollars in sales - in less than 5 days!]

Watch below now, to discover exactly what it is!

Then if you want to see how my team and I incorporate THIS into everything we do, join my SALES MASTERY Inner Circle Facebook Group and be there for Laser Coaching on Tuesdays at 1pm EST.

(Can't guarantee a costume, but you never know.  )
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What I Learned from My Vocal Coach

I recently hired a vocal coach to learn how to sing.

At my last lesson, she said, “All the notes are inside of you.”

I thought this was so incredibly profound, not only about singing but also about how we live our lives and run our businesses.

Click below to hear how singing the notes inside of you relates to other events in your life.

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Simple Way to Boost Your Energy (and Make a HUGE Difference)

Today we’re stepping away from business and getting a bit personal because I want to share something with you.

Last week my energy had been really low and I wasn’t feeling totally on my game. 

If you’ve been watching these Money Monday videos, you know the importance I place on mindset and energy in growing your business.

So I did this ONE THING that completely shifted my energy in both my personal and professional life and the joy I’ve received has been amazing. I feel 110% better – so much so, I wanted to share it straight away with you! 

I highly recommend taking this one simple action this week to elevate your spirit:

Please leave a comment below to let me know what you chose to give and what came back to you in return.

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How to Get Comfortable Quoting Your Feeā€¦

When you sit down with a potential client to sell your services, do you start to sweat? Do you struggle with quoting your fees? Find it hard to close the sale?

Many people love what they do and have no problem communicating it, but then become incredibly uncomfortable selling it.

And it’s because they make this fundamental error…watch below to find out what it is:

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