The Fastest Way to Get Results in Your Business

business growth Feb 08, 2021

So often we get caught up in making everything perfect in our business.

We spend so much time getting ready to get ready...spending countless hours on our messaging, social media posts, branding, websites, target market...trying to find the right word, look, client that we lose time and money.

Right, now...  Stop tweaking!

And take the action that has allowed me to grow my business quickly.

Watch to find out what it is.

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The SIMPLE Way to 6 Figures...

business growth Nov 16, 2020

If you want to exponentially increase your income in a short period of time, today’s Money Monday video is for you!

As human beings, we so often complicate our path to success.

Here’s a simple reframe for how to make 6 figures (it’s a question I ask my clients all the time!)

Click here to watch now:

Does this topic interest you? This Thursday, November 19th at 1pm EST, I’ll be teaching you how you’re actually sabotaging your closing rates (and how to start closing more high ticket sales now). That’s all happening inside of the Sales Mastery Inner Circle Facebook Group. Be sure to join us on Thursday!


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How to Get Comfortable Quoting Your Feeā€¦

When you sit down with a potential client to sell your services, do you start to sweat? Do you struggle with quoting your fees? Find it hard to close the sale?

Many people love what they do and have no problem communicating it, but then become incredibly uncomfortable selling it.

And it’s because they make this fundamental error…watch below to find out what it is:

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