How to Find the ‘Joy’ in the Journey when Things Get Tough

business mindset Apr 12, 2021

Too often we push-push-push ourselves to sell, grow, move forward in our business. 

And things get hard, exhausting, and overwhelming.

During these times of struggle, it's important to remember to find the joy and lessons in the journey.

Watch below to learn how to stay focused on the joy, no matter how small, through these challenging times.  


Then sign up for the Income Accelerator Challenge that starts April 19th - - to learn more ways to find the joy as you sell, grow and move forward in your business!

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Are You the Right Kind of Busy?

business mindset Mar 05, 2021

Are you busy in your business?

Do you feel productive because you have so much to do?

Well, I have a specific rule that I follow - it's mathematical actually - that allows me to figure out what need to do (versus what I can delegate).

Watch below to find out how to make sure your busy-ness is on the right actions so you get the results you want in your business.

And then jump into my SALES MASTERY Inner Circle for other free trainings on how you can grow your business with high-ticket clients. And that's the good kind of busy!

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I Almost Couldn’t Pay for It...

business mindset Nov 16, 2020

Money flows where the intention for it is clear.

As soon as you get clear, everything you need will find its way to you.

In today’s Money Monday, I have a special story for you. I’ll share with you why I needed to make a lot of money quickly and how I made it happen.

Have a listen here:

Then make sure to join us this Thursday, December 3 at 1pm EST inside of the Sales Master Inner Circle Facebook Group to learn how to coach a potential client through their objections during a sales call.

You'll need this skill if you want to be able to receive the money you intend to.


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This is How You Handle Your Client’s High Expectations

business mindset Nov 02, 2020

Have you ever worked with a client that made you feel out of your comfort zone because they expected huge results? 

When this happens, our first thought is to retract and let fear take over. We don’t feel like we are worthy of this opportunity because of the pressure to meet high expectations. 

But that type of thinking is costing you money. 

I’ll be sharing below how you can knock out fear, move forward in confidence, and give your clients results that exceed their wildest dreams. 

You can check out the video here:

And then make sure to tune in this Thursday, November 5 where I’ll be talking about how to handle a client who wants to stop coaching with you in the middle of a contract. That’s all happening inside of the Sales Mastery Inner Circle Facebook group.

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What’s the Impact When We Play Small?

business mindset Aug 02, 2020

You know the saying - "Go big or go home?"

It's meant to encourage, inspire and motivate us to dream lofty goals and work hard to reach them.

But what if you're feeling uncomfortable or awkward with asking for that high-ticket package...or not being sure of your value...or letting your head trash take over and you end up staying small?

Check out the video below to learn why you shouldn't play small and then join me over in the SALES MASTERY Inner Circle Facebook Group to let me know - will you be big without apology? 

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What Happens When Things Get Difficult?

business mindset Jul 06, 2020

There is a beautiful trail near where Kate and I live that we hike often. It allows us a chance to step away, reflect and replenish ourselves.

The other day we were there and the area was overgrown and difficult to get through. We considered turning back and calling it a day. But then it hit me...

If we stopped, what were we missing? We'd already come this far through the untamed wilderness and relentless bugs and uphill battle. 

If we turned back now and didn't push on through the challenge, what beauty and gift would we be missing out on?

Have you experienced this too in life and/or business? Wondering if you should stop or carry on when obstacles or challenges present themselves - especially if they sometimes seem impassable!

Click below to find out what happened next (and what we discovered on the other side!)


And check out the beauty we found when we kept pushing on: 

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Feeling Stuck? Consider This…

business mindset Aug 30, 2019

If you’re feeling stuck in your business – maybe you’re not reaching your goals, feeling confident in your services, or at the level you want to be – then I have something for you this week I think you might like…

You see, sometimes life gives us clues for how to fix things in business – and these clues and signposts often show up in the strangest of places!

Click the video below to find out more… (and what to do when you spot them!):

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Are You Making this Mindset Error?

business mindset Jun 17, 2019

As we’re on this business journey, we can all find ourselves in moments of stress and overwhelm. And when this happens, it has everything to do with our way of thinking.

Because often in these moments, we are making a specific mindset error!

Click below to find out what it is and how you can correct it.

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