You won’t believe this.

money mindset Nov 20, 2020

I bet you want to set outrageous financial goals.

If so, today’s Money Monday is for you.

I give you the one counterintuitive step you need to change your thinking to match your desired income, so you can make it happen fast.

Check it out here: 

Enjoy the video and if you’re in the states, have a great Thanksgiving week!

P.S. After you watch this video, comment in our Facebook group about your new outrageous goal. I’d love to hear it.

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3 Steps to Get What You Want

I am a big believer in setting intentions – putting out what I want into the universe to help me fulfill my goals and dreams in my business and life.

But I just don’t ‘put it out there’ and hope the intention will be met. There is a 3-step process I follow to manifest and bring in what I want.

Spend the next 2 minutes watching the video below…and then get intention-ing and fulfilling!

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You Can Be Right or You Can Be Rich

money mindset Nov 16, 2019

Years ago I heard this quote by T. Harv Ecker:
“You can be right or you can be rich.”

For many of us, this is a difficult choice. We sooo want to be… actually need to be right, but I challenge you to let go of this mindset. Being right isn’t always, well, right.

Click the 2 min video below to learn about the two situations where I believe holding on to being right can harm your business and your life and then join me on Facebook and let me know what you think!

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