Why a ‘No’ May Be Your Greatest Gift

sales conversation Jun 11, 2021

You schedule the sales call, they show up and you ask the tough questions to get to the unseen.

Then you present your offer - the one that will get them the results they want.

And they say no.

Believe it or not, that may be an incredible gift. Watch below to discover why.

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The Key Phrase to Invite Someone into a Sales Conversation

sales conversation Apr 16, 2021

How often do you get tongue-tied when you're talking with a potential client in person or in DMs and you want to take the next step to invite them into a sales conversation?

We tend to overcomplicate and overthink this step.

But it's actually quite easy...all you have to do is say a simple phrase.

Watch to find out what it is.

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Is Fear Causing You to Do THIS During Your Sales Calls?

sales conversation Aug 27, 2020

Ever get on a sales call and feel resistance when it comes time to make your offer?

Most of my clients say they feel worried about seeming "sales-y" or pushy on a sales call.
If that's you too, that's completely normal.

Check out the video below on how you can build your confidence during sales calls, so you don't fall into this fear-trap.

(Hint: Fear during sales calls could be costing you six figures or more per year. We can't cover everything on this topic in a Monday Monday but this video should get you started until our next Income Accelerator Challenge - starting September 14! During the challenge, you'll learn how to overcome this fear in much more detail. Get signed up right here now - so you don't miss a thing!)

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The Risk of Becoming Great at Sales

It’s hard to believe there could be a threat to your business when you become good at overcoming objections in sales conversations.

Right? Wouldn’t you think this is an all-around GOOD thing?

It is when you are aware of this — as you develop these skills, you run the risk of bringing in a type of client that could influence how you feel about your business.  

Watch below to find out how to reduce this risk so you continue to attract the clients you want!

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2 Steps to Sell to an Influencer and Decision-Maker

sales conversation Sep 27, 2019

It can sometimes happen when you are selling a program or service (especially to bigger companies), you first have to talk to an "influencer." Someone who will then be the bridge between you and the actual decision-maker.

I always recommend, IF, at all possible, all those key to making a decision are included at the initial meeting. (A simple way to do this is to ask “Who else besides yourself will be making this decision?” and to set a time when all can meet together.) 

But sometimes this isn’t an option.

Which can feel intimidating if you don’t know these 2 steps to take.

Watch below to discover what they are…

PS; I’d love to hear what you think of this tip, and how you get on using it. Leave me a comment below!

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Sales Is Something You Do FOR Someone

sales conversation Jul 08, 2019

I’ve said this before…”Sales is not something you do TO someone, it’s something you do FOR someone.”

What does that statement bring up for you?

Click below to learn my reaction when I first heard it from my mentor AND what I did after to get more clients (and help them grow as well!)…

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